Project design

Work productively, live comfortably

Drisag works on productivity and atmosphere. Productive and atmospheric working is a combination of the right shapes, pleasant materials, unique colours and optimal acoustics. It’s about atmosphere, lighting and climate control. A balance that is important in every office.

Your workplace is geared to what your company needs: a reflection of your inspiration and corporate culture. In this way, the interior stimulates the productivity of your office, during: working, long meetings and breaks.

The process

Our project consultants, interior design specialists, and artisans work together to create the perfect solution for you.

Step 1

The inspiration

Your project consultant will introduce you to our living showroom to help you find what you really need in your workspace. What does your company flow look like? What kind of culture does the organisation have? What kind of features are an absolute must?

Step 2

The visual models

An interior designer will transform your personal inspiration and needs into a visual proposal (mock-up). Using 2D and 3D models, they create a virtual image of your office. That way you and your team members can see exactly what your future office could look like.

Step 3

The final proposal

After having received your feedback, we draft a final plan. This includes a full model, drawn up according to all your needs and preferences and specially adapted with striking accent colours and materials. Your project consultant will carefully go over every detail with you.

Step 4


It’s now time to start the development process. Our artisans create every aspect of each product –from frame to upholstery – in the Herentals production studio. That’s how we guarantee quality and a sustainable livelihood.

Step 5

The design

Your custom-made products are delivered and installed by our specialists. The result is that you get the workspace you had in mind right from the start. Ready for increased productivity. Ready to create ambience. Ready to foster growth.



Drisag works sustainably and looks for ways to ensure that your office furniture can be used efficiently for as long as possible. It’s for this reason that we don’t just create new pieces, we also give older furniture a second lease on life. We (re)upholster everything. Really, (almost…) everything!

Waste reduction

To achieve true sustainability, Drisag takes it one step further. Our product designers recycle used material and produce a new creative solution for every office. That’s the backstory of how our exceptional acoustic products, Manyfloors and Ecoustipads were created. And that’s just the beginning!

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