Our creations

AZ Sint-Maarten Hospital in Mechelen

First impressions count

Nobody likes having to wait. That’s why we make sure your waiting rooms are beautifully and comfortably designed. It makes things just a touch more pleasant, making time fly by.
Aerts Trucks

Have a great time checking out the cars

The nicest showroom in the Bornem area with cocoon solutions and efficient workspaces. It’s not hard for a showroom to appear chilly and lifeless, but the opposite is true of Aerts Trucks, a truly pleasant place to be.
Public Notary Schaeken & Vanhencxthoven

Teamwork in the perfect acoustic environment

Formal and restrained – at a public notary, that’s usually the prevailing mood. It's a business and official environment where there isn’t any room for mistakes. The public notary, Schaeken & Venhencxthoven decided to break that mould. They went looking for an ambiance that was quiet and serene, but that also radiated enough liveliness.
Becton Dickinson Benelux

Stylish breaks of the highest standard

Better healthcare for society at large: that’s the Becton Dickinson Benelux mission. The company promotes medical discoveries, diagnostics and the provision of care through better security and smarter technology. The key resource for turning this kind of mission into a reality? People – sharing their knowledge and experience.
De Heyde, Hansen Uitvaartverzorging

A comforting design for intense moments in life

Drisag doesn’t produce furniture – we create atmosphere and comfort. Anywhere. That's what really stood out in this project. Hansen Uitvaartverzorging specialises in secular funerals. They provide warm, personal service, where the relationships and emotions of customers come first. Creating the proper atmosphere here was more important than ever.

An efficient workplace brimming with potential

Delaware is a young consulting firm that offers advanced solutions to organisations in pursuit of a sustainable and competitive advantage. They are a partner dedicated to helping their customers transform and improve. Delaware helps professionals realise their full potential.
Ordina Belgium

A new definition of job satisfaction

For some companies the digital world is undiscovered country. Ordina lends these companies a hand with cutting-edge technology, targeted advice and sustainable innovations. Ordina continually invests in its staff, working from the conviction that the quality of its own services is a direct by-product of the level at which its own professionals work.

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Our experts create the working environment that's perfect for you, with custom advice.