Our creations

A homely and warm interior at Inimco

A creative setting

Refreshing an existing office building into a homely and warm atmosphere was Inimco's goal. How we transformed the office interior into a cosy and functional workplace? You can read about that below.
At The Kern, patients should feel comfortable

Serenity and trust

Creating a pleasant environment where patients feel at ease. That is what the doctors at doctor's practice De Kern had in mind. We made the whole picture fit together like a puzzle piece.
Peek inside ‘The office’ of Heylen Group

Powerful with luxurious surroundings

Exclusive, design & quality. These three key words best sum up this management office. Take a look inside the office of Wim Heylen - Heylen Group.
A nice mix of new and brocante

Family atmosphere with touches of nature

Eduards Trailer Factory located in Lommel is a company specialised in the development of trailers for the most diverse sectors. With a team of over 100 people, they are working every day to provide a fast and good service. Eduards is continuously looking for the needs of end users. With large and small innovations, they go far in providing customised solutions. It is a unique company that consciously opts for a unique interior. Curious about the story behind the interior? Then be sure to read on!
Polydak gives office interior a boost

Colourful and refreshing

In the north of the Kempen we find woody Lommel. Hidden between all that green is a busy industrial zone, where we find Polydak. A real men's company specialising in flat roofs, where shades of grey and sobriety take centre stage. Time for a change! We have given their sober office interior a stylish and colourful boost. Would you like to take a look at Polydak?
Securex chooses a stylish office interior with Drisag

A new building with character

After a no less than 60 years, the existing head office of Securex, an international HR company, was in urgent need of renovation. A new building replaces the old head office, providing the area around the Watersportbaan in Ghent with an architectural boost. The state-of-the-art new building is a simple office building with technical inventiveness, where sustainability, flexibility and modularity are central. Curious about how we implemented all this in their office interior? Then be sure to read on!
How to relax in style at work

Unwind at the office

Relaxation at the office is extremely important, because a relaxed employee is a productive employee. A cosy corner or coffee corner to let off some steam, to catch up with colleagues or to consult briefly is therefore, in our opinion, a must. Then there is the lunch area, which should be cosy and dynamic. A crucial area in the office where you can recharge your batteries with colleagues and at the same time enjoy a delicious lunch. In short, relaxation at the office is key. But how do we make these spaces attractive and cosy?
Stimulate job satisfaction with colorful solutions

Confess color

The most used colors in the workplace are white, black and beige tones. Beautiful, but admit it, actually a bit boring too. You obviously want your employees to be stimulated in an inspiring and creative environment. That's why we developed three colorful solutions for meeting , brainstorming and taking a break from it all, in the FAVV offices in the heart of Brussels.
Vintage networking, working and meeting

A wink to the sixties

A new co-working space with a wink to the sixties. We really like being part of it. In this new building of Frame 21 Brussels Airport, you can imagine yourself in the typical 'Pan Am' aviation style. Think red carpets, opulent luxury and vintage furniture. How did we design all this in a functional yet chic way? Find out here.

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