Behind the scenes 26 October 2020

How our designers stay creative

What a beauty, the ergonomic Smart office chair providing dynamical and active seating. But how do we come up with something like it? How do our designers start developing a new product? We gladly take you to our design department. Let’s go!

Three full-time designers work on different ideas in our product development team. They keep editing the design of new products on a daily basis. Whenever they are not in front of their computers, you can find them in our production unit working on prototypes. Or in our showroom where they proudly present new ideas or prototypes. Doing so, they always adjust their ideas to market’s demands, because the products must, of course, also appeal to the public. But how does a new product arise?

1. The market is asking

Very simple, sometimes the market asks for it itself, as it is the case with the Crate stacking crates. Because where should you leave your personal items when your company has a clean desk policy? And whether you have a locker or you don’t, how to carry these items from the locker to your desk? Well, this felt crate is the solution.

2. Innovation

Moreover, we also have to think about innovation all the time. Outdated products have to keep up with modern demands. As we speak, we are in the process of developing a new office chair. Why? Because we think our ReAct office chair is gradually becoming outdated and we wanted a fresh new look. Product developers are always looking for innovation.

3. Creativity

Finally, our three full time designers come up with brand new and interesting ideas for new Drisag products. These are often solutions nobody knew they actually needed them, but when they see the product, they become extremely enthusiastic. Just think of the Fennel, an acoustic panel made of felt. Because of the different incisions, the panels vary from perforated screens to 3D objects. They can either be hung up in a room or be used as wallpaper. Besides, did you know that at least 50% of our felt consists of recycled PET bottles?

“Modularity and circularity are the two biggest drivers in Drisag’s product development. It’s ingrained in our DNA.”
– Niek Renders (CEO, Drisag)

Two biggest drivers: modularity & circularity

Throughout the last year our design team has tripled from one person to a team of three. It’s is a huge progress in knowledge and a new way of thinking. Nowadays, modularity is deeply entrenched in our product development, enabling us to quickly respond to the customer’s wishes. Besides modularity, the importance of circularity can’t be overlooked as a huge driver for the product development within Drisag. Products like the Will and our Ecoustipads, for example, have a circular story. But we would like to all about those another time.

Curious about all our new products? Check them out here. Or contact us and come and see them in our showroom.

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