Ergonomics 12 April 2022

A story that stands on its own

Today, we take you back to times long ago. Buckle up for the ride, because we’re going back years to the product launch of the first desk in our own production. It all started in 1997. This was the year in which Google was founded, another Elfstedentocht was skated and the first Harry Potter book was published.

In 1997, Drisag organised a management workshop at the Priory of Corsendonck. Two days of reflection on the company’s vision, mission and future plans. But they also thought about what the market demand was at that time. So a new desk with the name Prio was conceived in this Priory. What’s in a name.


This table was initially designed as a desk, but over the years it has evolved in line with market demands. The current Prio table range consists of different top colours and shapes such as round, rectangular and barrel-shaped. After a while, standing tables were also introduced into the table range. This is how Prio grew into an established value with an enormous amount of possibilities.

Yet the dynamic and ergonomic aspect was missing in the whole Prio story. Something that today is indispensable in an innovative workplace. Therefore, product development went to work and this month we can proudly present our first own produced Prio sit-stand desk.

A height-adjustable desk with an electric control, nicely concealed electrification possibilities and our specific classic and trendy lacquer colours. A feast for the eyes and can be perfectly combined with our wide product range so that we can offer even more complete interior design from Belgian production.

But it didn’t stop there. Because Drisag does not compromise on sustainability or health. It has to be a both-and story. And so product development came up with an ingenious idea.

Curious what that is? You can read about it in our next blog post.


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