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A few creations

AZ Sint-Maarten Hospital in Mechelen

First impressions count

Nobody likes having to wait. That’s why we make sure your waiting rooms are beautifully and comfortably designed. It makes things just a touch more pleasant, making time fly by.
From swimming pool into a real estate office

A total renovation?

That’s the kind of project we like to tackle. In collaboration with Bosman real estate, we chose to elaborate a total renovation project radiating pleasure at work. Why did we select round tables? And how did we take the corporate identity into account? You’ll read it here.
Bosman Vastgoed
Prio A
The company’s image in the spotlight

Boost office furnishings and image

A move often requires a furniture renewal. That wasn’t any different at Cronos. They were looking for an office design that matched their image and knocked on our door. Could we help them? Definitely! Our interior architects were asked to work on the office space, flex spaces, meeting rooms, training rooms and the cafeteria. A complete makeover! Read here how we put their image in the spotlight.
Made in Belgium
We offer Belgian solutions, produced in Herentals. Optimal control of the process from start to finish to ensure an impeccable result.
Pure craftsmanship
Handcrafted in our own studio by experts in the field: that’s how Drisag creates the ultimate in job satisfaction for every solution, down to the most minute detail.

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