Multifunctional soft seating module
design by Drisag

U-ply is a soft seating module, which can perfectly fit into an open space office and can be used as a touchdown workplace or as a small consultation area.

Besides that, U-ply improves the privacy and acoustics in open spaces.

C-ply is an essential element in office concepts where HNW is playing an important role.

The U-ply program contains different elements that allow you to create your own tailor-made U-ply. U-ply can be delivered with several heights of backrests: 90cm / 130cm / 160cm

Download the C-ply pdf for more information.

Download PDF

Drisag is a Belgian manufacturer of upholstered seating. In recent years Drisag has also profiled itself as a production company for major designer brands like Moooi, Vange & Lensvelt. Drisag develops & produces its products in close collaboration with famous designers. Since the mid-nineties Drisag has been active in the market for office furniture.

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